What impact is YoungLives having in the community?


Who We Serve: 

10% are in foster care or in shelters

23% are in unstable living situations

70% have had involvement with the justice system

18% have dropped out of high school

10% have a history of homelessness

With YoungLives:

95% receive their high school diplomas or GED

25% go on to higher education

75% are in school and/or are employed

90% do not have a second child before age 20

What is YoungLives?

YoungLives is active in various high schools in the area and partners with many of the local pregnancy centers. While teen moms are welcome at any Young Life activity, YoungLives is specifically tailored for them. Once a month, YoungLives club provides a place for teen moms to come together to have fun, build friendships and hear a message about real life and God’s love. Food, activities, music and childcare are a part of every club meeting. YoungLives is making a difference in teen moms' lives.

What YoungLives Provides:
  •  School-based group mentoring as well as one-on-one mentoring
  • Regular YLs “Clubs” for the moms, babies and mentors where they can laugh, learn, form community and peer support, and hear about God in a way that is real and respects their freedom of choice regarding faith.  We may learn a craft, sing a lullaby, eat pizza, play some silly games, and discuss the deeper issues of life.
  • Top-notch summer getaway designed to meet the unique needs of teen mothers and their children.
  • Discussion groups where girls can go deeper into life issues.
  • Practical assistance with basic needs such as food, baby items, school issues and employment needs as well as referrals to health, education and other social services.


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Phone: (203) 554-0700

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